Project nominated for the Willem de Kooning Research Award

This project is a mission to give voice to the multiple faces of Maria as a repressed and marginalized people through a multi-layered story of emancipation and political justice.

It explores the sidewalk as a place of resistance as opposed to transit, as a place where there is oppressive spatial DNA towards non-dominant subjects. Its multidisciplinary research combines ethnographic, theoretical, spatial and mathematical research in mediums such as films, non-fictional creative writing, drawings, and formulas. It presents a new measuring guide for what are assumed to be the immeasurable affective and emotional experiences people have in the urban public space, but which actually are what constitutes their inhabited space. This guide is a set of counter equations based on my own set of formulas developed to replace the limited physical measurements currently used. They are the length of legal control, width of cultural normativity, materiality of fear, and objects of conflict and negotiation, which enable Maria to gain agency over how they inhabit their sidewalk because to use them they need to think critically of the space and their role in it.