Project exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2018

Collaboration with HR Groep

Photography: Magdalena Wierzbicka and Miarka Webb 


The project explores how people behave and interact with each other in the urban space in this time of ever-increasing fear of others. By combining the objects with the archetypically Dutch Amsterdammertjes, the aim is to reappropriate the bollards to generate positive fleeting encounters between strangers and to foster trust and a sense of belonging. The perception of the bollards needs to expand from an urban necessity in today’s uncertain world to an active, engaging element of the public space that belongs to the people. The products create this through balance, cooperation, and fun by moving in different ways when people sit on them. By employing a clearly distinct language and a bright yellow color the three objects are easily recognizable and intuitive to use. A critique on society’s diminishing urban interactions, the objects are only partially functional if used by one person; to function perfectly they need the collaboration of two people. 


The Rocker

It is like a burst of energy as it moves by rocking and rotating around the bollard. The users sit on either side of the chair and need to trust each other to start the fun.

material: yellow powder-coated steel

measurements: 0.40m * 1.20m * 0.43m


The Slider

It is like a wave of relaxation as it moves by sliding from side to side of the bollard. The users sit on either side of it and negotiate their shared space.

material: yellow powder-coated steel

measurements: 0.19m * 1.30m * 0.13m


The Wobbler

It is like a spark of joy, as it moves up and down in a seesaw motion between two bollards. The users sit back to back and need each other to activate the product.

material: yellow powder-coated steel

measurements: 0.90m * 1.05m * 0.08m